Pauls Farm House Gold

If you’ve ever been to a farm and tasted milk fresh from the cow, you'd notice how extra creamy it is.

New Pauls Farm House Gold Extra Creamy Milk is just that - extra creamy!

Pauls Farm House Gold has more of the wholesome cream left in, just as nature intended. It's perfect for those who love the rich creamy taste of full cream milk.

Our milk is sourced fresh from Australian farms, so you can enjoy the traditional extra creamy taste of real milk from the farm, every day.

Pauls Farm House Gold - milk, the way it used to be!

Nutritional Information [Pauls Farm House Gold]

Farmhouse Gold

Ave Qty Per 250ml Serving

Ave Qty Per 100mL

Energy 790kj 316kj  
Protein 8.3g 3.3g  
- Total
12.3g 4.9g  
- Saturated 8.0g
Carbohydrate 11.8g
- Sugars
Sodium 143mg
Calcium (%RDI*) 303mg(38%RDI*) 121mg